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If you lost your Quickbooks application data today, what would your first step be? If you have client databases that become corrupt or even a simple word document gets deleted, what would your business do? Many companies are put in this situation every single day with the daunting task of re-creating data, files or just dealing with the loss of historical records. Data loss or corruption will inevitably happen at some point in within a company. If it's human error or hardware caused

With IBackup you can rest easy knowing your data and valuble backups are safe and secure. The IBackup application is hosted at multiple world-class data centers. They are equipped to keep the servers up and running 24 X 7. The facilities are custom designed with raised floors, HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones and seismically braced racks. They offer the widest range of physical security features, including state-of-the-art smoke detection and fire suppression systems, motion sensors and 24 X 7 secured access, as well as video camera surveillance and security breach alarms.

Consider the statistics:

• Data loss costs U.S. businesses more than $18 billion a year, according to the Pepperdine study. That 2003 study is the most recent estimate available, but today Pepperdine says that number is much higher.

• About 70% of corporate employees have experienced data loss due to accidental deletion, disk or system failure, viruses, fire or some other disaster, according to a May survey by a Boston-based Data Company.

• Another recent survey by Symantec, a software maker, found that 90% of users store personal information on their computer. However, only 57% back up their data.

• The first reaction of employees who lose their data is to try to recover the lost document themselves by using recovery software or either restarting or unplugging their computer — steps that can make later data recovery impossible, according to a 2005 global survey by Minneapolis-based Data Recovery Company.


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Data Backup Tulsa OK

Is Your Data Safe?

Hardware, human or natural disaster... All culprits causing the loss or corruption of data. Financial, accounting and client data are the most important files in a company being stored today with no safety net in place.

How important are your files?

Join iBackup to ensure the saftey of your clients, data, time & money.

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