Closed Circuit Television | CCTV

Video surveillance used to be just for those big companies that could afford expensive CCTV systems and monitoring stations. Over the last 5 years, however, tremendous advances in video camera technology and data storage have made video surveillance systems an affordable option for any size or type of business. Coupled with the advent of low cost, high speed Internet service, the ability to monitor your business from any location – home, hotel, coffee shop, etc. – is now within easy reach. Contact CTI and find out how to streamline your business with technology.

Security Cameras & Surveillance:

• Wired and wireless cctv camera systems

• Perimeter control systems and Pan Tilt Zoom(PTZ) cameras

• Hidden camera surveillance

• Motion detection systems with audio announcement upon entry

• High definition cctv cameras

• Lowlight and starlight cameras with infrared lighting

• Embedded stand alone and pc based dvr systems

• Self contained mobile cctv video surveillance security trailers

CCTV, Worth it?

Installing a CCTV System is one of the most effective ways of deterring theft, damage and controlling asset management at your business. It may not be as expensive as you may think! By utilizing your existing computer network infrastructure CCTV cameras can be added for low start-up and operating costs.

Modern CCTV systems with the aid of your internet connection, allows business owners to remotely view their cameras using a standard Web Browser from any were in the world. You can also be notified immediately via email or mobile phone, complete with an image, if for example someone enters the cameras field of view when the business is unoccupied. Contact CTI for more information.